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Maris Beach Hotel

Coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) Protocol

Dear guests and partners,

The safety of our guests and colleagues is always our top priority at Maris Beach Hotel.

We continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation, which affects the world and our country. In response to COVID-19 concerns, Oludeniz Beach Resort Hotel by Z, applies all necessary measures, including training of our employees and related operational protocols.

We are following all procedures and protocols recommended by the local health authorities in Turkey, for the applications of the latest Covid-19 guidelines. We would like to share with you the measures we have taken / will take and reminders so that we can all be together with health and peace.

Our hotels are thoroughly disinfected throughout the day, starting from the morning hours until the night, and special attention is paid to the cleanliness of all surfaces, especially the door handles, bathrooms and tables. In addition, hand sanitizers are placed in common areas for our guests and staff.

Our Food and Beverage services are served by food safety recommendations.

All of our staff are informed that they will be quarantined for fourteen days if they come into contact with anyone affected or experience any symptoms.

You can be assured that our hotels are at hygiene and reliability standards and that guest and personnel safety is provided as a priority.


A Covid-19 Committee is established within our hotel under the chairmanship of our Hotel Manager, with all our department managers.

All necessary precautions are implemented up to date by following all official instructions published by the World Health Organization, Turkish Ministry of Health and Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism,

The Covid-19 Precautionary and Hygiene Practices Circular communicated by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, is applied with high dicipline in our hotel.

Cleaning, hygiene and disinfection practices for all rooms, open and closed areas, all items and materials in our hotel are regularly carried out and recorded by our relevant employees in accordance with the "Oludeniz Beach Resort Hotel Covid-19 & Hygiene Application Protocol".

A highly detailed Emergency Action Plan has been prepared to be implemented in case of suspicious Covid-19 guests or employees in our hotel, and all employees are given periodic training on the subject.

A Social Distance Plan that covers our entire hotel is implemented. According to this plan, a distance of 1.5 meters is maintained between the guests; a rule of at least 1.5 meters between the sunbeds in the pool area and at least 60cm between the tables and the chairs in our restaurant and terraces during the stay (not applied between family members). The boards, contain basic information about social distance rules and the imperatives to follow which are specially designed for each area,


Our hotel is inspected by the internationally accredited hygiene institution (Food Safety, Water Safety, Hygiene Management) that we have contracts with regular periods.

Sufficient amount of witness samples are taken and maintained every day in order to make the necessary analyzes in our kitchen.

Humidity and temperature measurements are continuously measured in our kitchen warehouses and recorded.

The chlorine rate determined by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism is strictly applied in our swimming pool and is constantly monitored and recorded.

Body temperature measurements are made and recorded by thermal cameras at all entrances and exits of our guests and employees.


Our hotel has disinfectant products with international quality standards in many areas that our guests and employees can easily reach.

It is mandatory to wear masks in all areas and use disposable gloves when necessary. The mask and glove needs of our guests are constantly met by our hotel staff.

It is ensured that the masks and gloves used in the Waste Management Plan are thrown into gray garbage cans in general areas and disposed after disinfection.

Natural ventilation is regularly done in all our indoor areas.


In our hotel, fast check-in (guest acceptance) procedures are applied and most of the procedures are resolved during your stay and unnecessary reception density is not allowed.

Our guests are provided to fill in the form containing the questions requested by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism when they enter the hotel. Written information is given about the measures implemented in our hotel.

Luggage and bag handling can only be carried out by the duty bellman. While guest baggage is carried to the room, they are carried seperately, and the baggage of more than one room is not carried at the same time.

In our rooms, highly detailed and comprehensive disinfection procedures are performed according to high hygiene standards. Detailed disinfection procedures, detailed cleaning and natural ventilation processes are performed in the room before accepting another entrance to any exited room.

All of our towels, sheets and covers that we use in our rooms are changed regularly and are washed and disinfected at high temperatures using products approved by the Ministry of Health in accordance with the procedures.

In our rooms, all the materials and equipment used by our guests are also regularly disinfected apart from general cleaning.


All tables and chairs that we use in our restaurant are regularly disinfected before and after each use.

All covers, hand towels, plates, glasses and similar products that we use in our restaurant are regularly disinfected at high temperature by using products approved by the Ministry of Health.

A very detailed Food Safety Implementation Plan covering our Purchase, Acceptance, Storage, Kitchen and Restaurant area is implemented and recorded in our hotel.


Our employees are regularly subjected to detailed health checks.

Our employees are periodically trained on the precautions and procedures to be taken about Covid-19, and the use of masks and other protective products is disciplined in all our departments.

In our hotel, highly detailed Emergency Action Plan, Social Distance Plan, Waste Management Plan, Food Safety Application Plan and Covid-19 Hygiene Application Plans are prepared for each department and all employees are subjected to detailed training on the plans.

The cafeteria, changing rooms and service vehicles used by our employees are regularly disinfected and recorded.

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